In addition to latitudes and longitudes, Pindrop incorporates topography (and line of sight) into the feasibility analysis, when preparing to present your array of connectivity providers. There is integrated company or street look-up, plus the ability, as you might expect, to be able to simply ‘drop a pin’.

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Pindrop is a South African first: a connectivity matchmaker that uses geo-location technology to offer you a choice of over 20 connectivity providers.

Once geo-location determines where you are, Pindrop identifies the most relevant connectivity solutions for you, visually presented on a single platform.

You choose your provider based on needs, budget and lead time, but also based on who’s actually operating in your area – and Pindrop does the rest.



Everyone claims to be impartial. But Pindrop is truly independent of any single connectivity provider, company or group. (Much like a taxi-finding tool without any taxis, or an accommodation platform that doesn’t own any properties.)

More than that, the visibility that’s built into the Pindrop platform encourages providers to offer market-related pricing, so they remain competitive.



Pindrop is an app, yes, but it’s also a cost-effective network aggregation tool, with end-to-end project management.

Pindrop shows you appropriate connectivity providers, based on where you are and what you need. It takes you from log-in to a quote in minutes, with everything else happening quietly and conveniently in the back-end.

Plus, Pindrop expertly handles the burdensome bits and pieces – like contracts, timelines, installation, billing and service – on your behalf.



Pindrop gives customers three dashboards in total: Project Management & Implementation, which includes timelines and live updates from the providers; Networking Monitoring, which shows up-times, data and capacity; and Accounts, for all of the specifics linked to your profile.



Because Pindrop is already affiliated with a growing list of 20 of the top connectivity providers in SA, we are easily able to build in – and remain compliant with – all of the different providers’ specific rules and norms.